With MANY HD camcorders of


With MANY HD camcorders offering recording in SD or HD, you do not have to forfeit that soon-to-be outmoded level of production. It is entirely possible that SD will be around for 5-8 years, but my experience with such formats in audio and video (I actually thought I would not live to see DVD overtake and eliminate the need and commercial viability of tape delivery – oops.) leads me to believe that the SD commercial producation viability lifetime is on the short side of NewBirth’s optimism (no offense intended).

With HD camcorder pricing all over the board, offering something in the format of equal or greater value than virtually any SD camera system, and the advent of SD card recording capabilities in the newer models, it is beyond comprehension to spend the same, or more, for a standard definition camcorder, as you would to acquire a high definition unit in any of the currently available models, from MiniDV, to HDD, to SD cards.

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