With cheap gear you may be


With cheap gear you may be able to convince an employer to higher you, and then you’ll get to use their stuff. But if you want to buy cheap gear, don’t expect to go far no your own.

I see what you’re saying, Earl, and completely agree. I don’t even bother answering posts anymore if the poster wants to know if a particular camcorder will provided decent images when you can tell by looking at the camcorder that it’s a piece of crap. Or if people complain that a camcorder doesn’t have XLR connections or manual controls when you can clearly see the camcorder is made for consumers. It’s one thing if someone is a hobbyist and will only be making home videos, but if someone wants to seriously make a living, then seriously save up some money and get a real camera and all the necessary accessories.

Cheap can only get you so far. They don’t spend millions of dollars in Hollywood just for the hell of it.

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