With a good NLE honestly P


With a good NLE honestly PAL and NTSC really doesn’t matter, but if you live in America you should go ahead and get NTSC. Besides NTSC can also be slowed down without too much jumpyness. I myself do filmamking so I will usually shoot in 24 fps progrssive scan, unless I’m doing some kinds of slow motion. To say I’m pleased with Magic Bullet is an understatment. It is incredible. I quickly put together a Magic Bullet demo video for you. This is a still picture of myself outside Bodiam castle in England, It was shot, by an unskilled photographer on a Sony digital Camera. So as you will see by the RAW image it is kind of a plain image.

The Demo will alternate between the RAW image and the 3 Magic Bullet filters (1.31MB):


The first filter is called "Basic" is just does some color correction and image enhancment. I run everything I film for my movies through this.

The second filter is "Night" It makes the image look like is was shot at night, kinda it cannot do anything with and fires etc in the shot. so this effect is simulating Moonlight.

The Third is called Warm, it makes it look like it was shot on a nice sunny day, this filter is used all the time to stimulate happyness in viewers, just as another filter called Cold stimulated opposite emotions.

I have to say that although Magic Bullet is good they do not offer sutome controls and you will find you will not use many of the filter, but with the Basic, Warm, Cold, and Night, you can instantly make anything you shoot look good. And although these shots are still images, motion video looks just as good.

I use Vegas 6. and right now I am using a Canon Optura Xi until I can afford a XL2.

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