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Windows Movie Maker is a good way to “cut your teeth” but you can not create DVDs using it. You can make some very good and basic edits with it but it is limited options wise. I don’t know what camera and software you have now so I can’t comment on that but for $100 or less there are some very good NLE tools out there that will allow you to create DVDs with little to no trouble and you can use what you’ve learned by using Windows Movie Maker.

Oh. Bitrates are a measurement of how much data is/can be transfer for a given time period. The higher your bitrate the better your images and sound. However it’s not as simple as that because other factors come in to play that will place limits on the bitrate and your end product. But higher bitrates are good in theory.

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The best video editing plugins — 2021

An essential part of being a post-production specialist is knowing your tools and how to use them. But it is equally important to know when another tool will increase your ability and efficiency.