William sez: ” The handhel


William sez:

” The handheld reality look is in now and has been for a while. It’s a look that some directors and/or producers want. In a real reality TV show like Cops the camera is handheld but the cameraman knows how to keep it steady enough. “

It’s possible to get a watchable picture using a shoulder-mount camera and short focal length.

Izzit possible that there is software which will give a film the shakes . . . sorta like the software which will inject scratches and blotches on perfectly good picture in order to emulate very old home film movies?

My past experience with some directors and producers is that they are not all original thinkers. If a particular ground-breaking look or style makes a lot of money at the box office, that look will spread like a plague thruout the industry. As I learned many years ago when I worked for ann advertising agency: ” There are NO new ideas “.

Rick Crampton

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