Will do, thanks for the re


Will do, thanks for the response.

To add more info to my situation… The training videos are more on how to do certain job tasks/functions on a processing floor… not leadership/conceptual training that would benefit more from expertise post-production.

Also, I wouldn’t say they are throwing me into the fire here. I know my abilities to pick up new programs and self teach myself (to a degree) and then seek additional help (like external training as mentioned), so for basic videos, I feel confident that I am the right person for the job.

Finally, I do understand, and will prepare for the learning curve that is video making, so I do want to start slow (and inexpensive) and progress as my skill level does.

I can’t help to go back to your comment on Premier Pro 1.5… do you recommend another avenue?

All things considered, I will create proposals for all things I deem necessary to accomplish these goals without taking the “throw money at it” approach.

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming.

I’ll take a look at the resources available here and elswhere.

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