Why put up with the cords


Why put up with the cords that get in the way, and carrying around a big battery on your belt just for your light? I prefer to just snap a battery onto the back of the light and blast out 40 watts of light straight from the shoe. And the sony batteries work with your camera too, so it’s all the same charger, bettery and everything. The sony light actually helps balance out the camera and feels really nice on there from a stability standpoint. (Ok, I’m finished now that I’m sounding like a sony ad)

Question for you Hank, what type of rechargable battery does your bescor take? I just ask because I have a couple bescor lights that use those darn lead acid batteries which I HATE, and they don’t last long enough. I would really like to get some lithium ion batteries that my bescor lights could use, but so far I haven’t found any. So… they’re just laying around collecting dust.


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