Why Bruce, if you only kne


Why Bruce, if you only knew just how loaded your question about Tasana is. OK Print this out, grab some hot tea and prepare to enter the underworld.

My dad found out my mom was having an affair during my 6th BD party. A few days later I had to stop my dad from killing my mom. It was a very violent beating she took, a lot of blood. My life got worse very very quickly and I got to know every sort of dark place in this world.
During the worst of times I created a place in my mind where I would run off to while the real world went on. Even though I was there in body, in my mind I went to Tasana. I remember when I first used the word, I was about 7, and it had been a very very bad 6th Xmas and summer. My mother was not too careful about the men she choose. We had just moved out of one guys house and I was playing alone in the yard when I “went” to Tasana. The word was just there. But it was a place of beauty, peace and where the word love did not carry anything bad. It was the most beautiful paradise the Earth has even seen. I went to Tasana many more times, when I turned 14 I started to fight back, I nearly killed my mom’s 6th or 7th husband. For the first time I left Tasana and fought back. Although my life did not really improve until I was about 22, I could now come and go to Tasana when I pleased, and today I still just go there, it is the better part of my childhood.

Dawn the Internet. I was convinced the word did not exist, but I thought I would Google it anyway. It’s root meaning took me way off guard. A word that I thought I made up turned out to carry the meaning that I dreamed up. It’s deepest roots are unknown, But here is the believed path…

A word somewhere out of Asia, source unknown. Many cultures in Asia use the word, more today then in the past. From China to Taiwan, to Japan, to other places in Asia, but each place it carries a different meaning. HOWEVER. It has long been proven that all people in North, Central and South America came here across the Alaskan land bridge some time back, with them they carried the ancient meaning of words. Way up in northern Alaska is a river called Tanana River. This word and its spelling is the oldest root for the word Tasana. It was carried over from Asia but its root there is lost and spelling and meaning differ. However when tracing the path of all uses and spellings of the word, it comes back to the root of Tanana.



Once I learned the above, I spent a great deal of time researching how the river got its name and the root of that name. After what may have been weeks of research I learned that the native people believed and still believe..

Tanana/Tasana: The river that flows from the seat at the top of the mountain.”

The Tanana/Tasana River Valley






So there it is, you did ask.

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