Whoo boy! I remember those


Whoo boy! I remember those days… hated ’em!

Hoss, you are not going to find a usable rig for $400 bucks. You’re going to need $800 to $1200 to get something you can get usable footage with. Warm Cards are a good idea, but you’ll need to practice with them and learn the camera’sidiosyncracies to make make them useful with a consumer grade camera. Be careful about renting. You’ll need a credit card with enough to cover the rental and any potential damage to the gear. Some rental houses still require you to establish a credit line with them. Be advised; be prepared to cough up the majority of what you plan to make on the gig for rental fees! While your still in school, you should be figuring out what kind of video work you want to do, who your potential clients will be, how you are going to attract business and where are you going to work from? Most likely, you’re going to have to get a gig completely unrelated to what you are studying to pay the bills. If that’s the case or if you get a gig in the industry, save your money, build your skills/reel and put together your gear list as you go. It will take time so try not to get discouraged. If you are serious about the work and love what you do, camera gear will come.

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