“Whoever said a lens hood


“Whoever said a lens hood instead of a UV/haze filter to protect the lens is an idiot & we can ignore all his crap. “

Last time you resorted to name calling, you were wrong then too. I learn fast. I know who I’m going to ignore from now on.

Many pros feel that adding any extra glass, (esp cheap/lower quality filters) between the subject and their really expensive Lenses, will degrade the image quality. (to the quality of the cheapest glass/plastic). there is an increased risk of flare, and loss of contrast due to reflections. That’s why anybody who has ever spent any time away from insulting strangers, on thier computers, and in the field with working pros, will seldom find a pro with “Protector” filters. A lens hood is a good barrier, that can’t break and scratch your front lens element, , or jam on you. But they almost always have a lenshood.

All the long winded theory in the world doesn’t change the fact that on any given lens, dof appears to be greater at the wide end and less at the tele end.

the iris at wider openings has less, than an iris that’s closed down.


“This has been covered extensively on other threads… will dig out the thread when I can.

I’ve been using Hoya Pro 1 slim UV0 filters. No discernable difference to the image at all. But they’re not cheap…

…and can actuallyharmthe lens. I’ve dropped two lenses with these filters on and they just splinter into a million pieces. The shattered glass actually causes more harm – actually counter productive.

If you have genuine Pentax lenses, then the coating is actually very hard and durable. So, as you may read here, many just go without a “protection” filter for their expensive lensesAs I am now doing.”

If you need optics, or filters, physics, or any other technical theory explained, you may get better answers from some pro photographers over there, then you will find here.

Read Mattmattics post in the above thread.

The cameras may be different, but light is light. optics is optics. physics is physics. And you won’t see any name calling in a thread where grownups trade ideas even if they dissagree.

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