Whoa! If you are getting s


Whoa! If you are getting shocked while your camcorder is plugged into the wall socket you have some sort of problem with the extension cord, camcorder or the wall outlet. If the shock is unpleasant but didn’t knock you back, it was probablya grounding problem and you are providing the ground when you touch the camcorder/tripod.If this happened only with one wall outlet, there could be something wrong with that outlet. If this happens with any outlet, there could be something wrong with your extension cord or the cord leading from the camera to the ac adaptor to the wall outlet. Since you mentioned the firewire connection to the computer, there could be something wrong with the computer/ac connection. I am assuming that there wasn’t a puddle of water or rain involved. This sort of shocking shouldn’t occur if there is proper wiring. You need to make sure that properly grounded extension cords are used. Extension and other electrical cords are designed to only plug one way into the ouletfor apurpose, to provide a good ground. I would not try to add a ground wire but instead find out what part of the equipment I am using is not correct.

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