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WHoa. Didn’t think about that. It’s really true. The only point that is critical for the photog is the wedding party shots, which are staged. They can even do them over if they have to. It may cost a little but they could do it. Video…no way. This is really a one time event. You can’t bring the crowd back, the family, etc. You can’t ask the bride to walk back down the isle, or the minister to re-perform the ceremony, vows, and the like. ONe time, one shot deal. Either you capture it or you miss it. Plus there is sound involved which is another animal altogether. Technically the videographer should be able to charge more but I think Earl was right in that photography is an age old tradition. Picutures are as much a part of the wedding as the vows, even if you go to the courthouse, you’re bound to take pictures after its over, even if its just with your camera phone. Video on the other hand is still probably considered optional. And for those without a budget for it, amatuer video shot by friends, full of camera shake and all is okay because it’s just for fun. As long as they have the pictures, everybody is happy.

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