While we use to have folks

AvatarGrinner Hester

While we use to have folks standing in line to get cuts, wipes a disolves in our limited linear suites for more than 400 bucks an hour, it’s challenging in many markets to get more than 200 an hour for anything the client can dream up. This aint moola out of our pockets. We use to spend millions on those linear suites and can spend 5 figures on a top notch edit suite today. Same with production. ONe job can pay for a more than suitable camera that will last years. This is no reflection on talent but an example of how obtainable the technology is by all. Consumers have always gotten what they pay for. This is why veeeery few companies want the cheapest production. They’d rather have the best they can afford. Thats where you and I come in. We ask em what they have to go toward the budget then explain what we can do for that. The flat bid for a one man band turn-key product is rapidly becoming the norm. This is a great thing. Because we are quick at what we do, it’s how we can get our rates back up.


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