“While satisfying our cust

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

“While satisfying our customer, we can also satisfy our need to express ourselves artisticly”

I think that we as videographers can make our own “movies” any time we want, but the problem is do we have that time. Making a movie, a short film or a documentary takes a lot of time which we can use to get a lot of clients and generated some income. Many independent movie producers generated almost nothing and spend half their salary to produce their dream movie that eventually almost nobody watch.

Like you mentioned vid-e-o-man maybe all of us have that award winning dream movie, but that movie world is pure business. You need to talk ideas that generate tons of cash and not some fancy student short film ideas that no one will ever produce. I have few scripts I have written and although I think they will be the next big thing (of course we all think our work is the best. We write it) I must stop and put my business/executive producer hat and think about:

Who had done something similar?, Does people want to see a movie with that topic?, Will people be willing to PAY to see my movie?, How much money will I need to invest?,Will I generate some income with the movie?, How I’m going to market my movie and how much will I spend on that?

Of course we can always make a movie with our friends and family, have fun doing it and later watch it, laugh about it and keep it as a great memory. I have a few of this “movies” I did with my friends years ago and we all laugh a lot of how lame the movies are and how much we had change.

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