While I shoot some corpora


While I shoot some corporate and small business production, Finity, 90 percent of my production work is events: either school performances, youth sports, personal celebratory events and a BUNCH of funerals and memorial montages. I also have a half-dozen annual community events that I get to produce, many of them I’ve been the go to video producer for more than a decade.

EVERYTHING after “corporate and small business production” is STILL shot and produced in SD … good old standard definition, using Canon XL1 and Canon GL2 units. Long in the tooth, oh yeah. Does this mean I’m discounting and refusing to go HD? Oh no, it’s just that I make a decent annual income with SD production work and the demand for HD simply isn’t happening for me, yet.

Am I losing opportunities because I don’t push hard for HD production? Probably. But I’m just not inclined to push hard for stuff I have to go and rent equipment to produce (depending on the budgets involved) when I can do relatively well with event video production in SD.

For the record I’ve nearly always planned to move to HD first quarter 2012. And that still looks like when I pull the trigger. Meanwhile, I conduct an ongoing business and make a decent annual income shooting and producing standard definition videos.

There’s plenty of opportunity for you also, in the SD production environment. Fortunately, in many cases, the units these consumers play their resulting DVDs or other delivery format videos on have up-rez or other capabilities that provide excellent quality visuals from SD. The purists and those having side-by-side units to compare the difference can readily argue for HD, but for a lot of others, there’s standard definition.

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