While I may really want a


While I may really want a prosumer or pro camera, the money just isn’t there for one now or in the near future. As Rob said, I’d love an EX3 and would settle for a Z1U in a heartbeat. If money were no object then I’d have a Red One.

All that said, I have only owned two digital camcorders – both consumer models:

Sony HC40 – Loved it! Features: MiniDV, infrared capable, LANC, time lapse, D/A passthrough, more…

Sony SR11 – Also love it – Features: hard drive based, high def (AVCHD), external mic jack, headphone jack, super slow mo, infrared, assignable manual wheel (I use it for manual focus but you can assign exposure or other things), low light capable (5 lux), OPTICAL image stabilization, more….

Best Products

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