While I can’t pin point the


While I can’t pin point the reason for the dark haze. Hardware obviously plays a part in what comes out.

A hobby camera won’t do the job as a 2,000 dollar camera. Though things like that usually show up on the cameras video monitor.

How much wattage did the 3 softboxes contain. You need a lot of wattage if shooting inside, the wider the shot the more wattage.
Are you able to set the White Balance on the camera and did you?

Did you try to recreate the environment, framing and lighting set up as close as you could then do an experimental shoot?
That would help to see if the same problem occurred again

Sorry I can’t diagnose why the dark haze, even if I saw the video It wouldn’t help me.
But unless a real professional chimes in. Repeating what you did even if it can’t be at the same place may shed some light or dark haze on the problem.

All the best

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