While Coreece is correct t


While Coreece is correct that Super-8 is an amateur film format, very few people mistakenly call a film camera a camcorder. While tons of people will use film terms to describe video recordings. If they described it as a tape cassette, then it is some version of video. So to answer your question, Hi8 camcorders will play back 8mm video (they just can’t record in 8mm.) Now it is very unlikely that the cassette is in the Digital8 format, but if it is you will have to have a Digital8 camcorder to get the video into your computer.

And I assume you have the Analogue-to-Digital convertor required to capture Hi8 or 8mm video into your computer. If you don’t, that is another whole kettle of fish. So good luck with the capture and editing.

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