While Avid is not famous f

AvatarGrinner Hester

While Avid is not famous for making sound business decisions, Apple is. FCP alone has sold way too many macs for them to start playing Avid games. They won’t. We’ll see it only get better whie Avid… well while Avid keeps doing what it’s doing. Adobe contintinues to move forward as well. This will only prompt Apple to do the same. Keep an eye on Vegas too. Mucho bang for the buck there and only more with every new update.
On the high end, Quantel is making some very cool progress from IQ on up. Their motion trackers are second to none. It’s obvious to me they do not intend on being discarded like Avid does. Also worth noting, Blackmagic recently purchased Divinci. Duuude, this is big. This means FCP land will most liekly son be blessed with the bast dang NLE color correction we have seen. That’s my bet anyway, for what it’s worth.
I don’t see Avid hanging around much longer. I see no efforts to do so, anyway. They have poised themselves to sell. I imagine that will be to apple or adobe.

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