Which version of iMovie ar


Which version of iMovie are you using. I just checked my version that came on my Mac and it’s 7.1.4 and there is an “Adjust Audio” button in it’s tool bar area in the middle of iMovie’s work space. The keyboard short cut is “A.” Does iMovie have audio meters? Audio should be around -12dB and not peak above -6dB.

I’m on 7.1.2. I’ve seen the audio options and used the 200% boost, but the volume still seems low – not unbearably low, but I’d like a volume that’s comparable to most YouTube videos.

iMovie has an audio meter on the right hand side. It’s the next set of controls following on from the audio and color buttons.

A friend on Twitter recommended QuickTime Pro (which I haven’t upgraded to, yet) or Soundtrack Pro (which I just realised I have in the Logic Studio box that’s been sat behind me in shrink wrap for months – I just don’t have the hard disk space on my MBP for the 48gb of extras from Logic). Someone else suggested Audacity might do the trick – I didn’t realise it could do m4v…

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