Which christian camp? I s


Which christian camp? I spent a summer as a videographer for a centrifuge christian camp in panama city, florida. My one suggestion is this- don’t forget the reason you’re there, and the reason the churches will be buying the video. THE KIDS. Get as many as you can, on the video, and don’t worry about being too fancy with FX and things like that. Chances are, you won’t have a lot of time on your hands to wait for things to render and the like. Straight cuts, simple graphics, set to the beat of the music are better than a lot of fancy stuff that may take a long time to come out right, if at all. Get to know the kids by name. They will spot you, and come to you first. You’re the most visible person on staff to them. They’ll do anything to get on your camera. Be prepared to be the most popular person in the world for a week at a time. Get plenty of rest when you can. Come up with a shot list of activities you KNOW you have to get, and a schedule for each week so you don’t miss anything. Get involved in the kids lives as well. You’re more than just a “video guy.” you can be a good example of a young christian as well for them, someone for them to look up to. Its been four years since my camp experience and I still keep in contact with a few of the kids.

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