Which Azden mic system did


Which Azden mic system did you get?
Mine work unbelievably well.
Try placing the grooms mic at the bottom of his lapel, just above the button, and to the outside, so that the mic will not rub on the other lapel. I’ve had great luck with this location.

I have this system:

AZD200ULT Dual 63-Channel On-Camera UHF Wireless Bodypack System
Dual 63-Channel On-Camera UHF Wireless Bodypack System The 200ULT is a complete dual-channel wireless system that consists of the 200UPR receiver and two 10BT transmitters.

The new 200UPR receiver allows the use of two wireless transmitters at the same time. It features twin-antennas, a 3.5mm -64dbB 2-channel mic level output jack, two recessed On/Off switchs, two Power On/ Signal Received LED and 2 sets of channel selectors to set the desired frequency for each receiver. Using crystal-control and PLL synthesis the 200UPR operates for better than 8 hours on 6 "AA" batteries. The receiver comes with a "hot-shoe" mount, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm output cable and a 3.5mm to twin XLR cable.

Also included are two 10BT body-pack transmitters supplied with Azden EX-503 omni-directional lapel microphones and metal belt-clips. In addition to the 3.5mm mic input jack the transmitter has a Power On switch with an associated LED a separate Standby switch for audio muting and a set of channel selector switches. The 10BT runs better than 8 hours on a single 9V battery.

AZD200ULT $679.95

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