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Where to spend the marketing dollar is always a question and there’s no single good answer. A fact-filled web site is a good starting point, however. Not just “We shoot weddings; call or email,” like so many sites we see today, but a site that a bride finds worth landing on, with lots of links to the accoutrements of the wedding that every bride needs. Take a look at our wedding link for example – http://www.videoccasions-nw.com/vowedwed.html. We have this on our site even though we don’t do weddings. It enhances the URL in Google listings and it’s a reason for brides, wedding planners, etc., to visit and stay on the side.

Put your picture on the home page. There are hundreds of wedding videographers out there, but only one YOU. And in the long run it’s you — your charm, personality, artistry and technical competence — that you’re selling. Many people who come into our business say “Wow, you look just like your picture!” It’s a great ice breaker.

Also be sure to have the location of your business (city and State,) your phone number and email address on the home page. There’s nothing worse than having someone have to hunt through an index to figure out whether or not you’re nearby. And being nearby matters to lots of brides and grooms.

Plaster the URL to your web site everywhere: on your car, on your business cards, on your email signature, etc.

The other thing to check out is free, or nearly free, bridal directories on-line. Our company is listed on quite a few of these and we average 15 to 20 hits a month, even though we say in our promotional material that we don’t shoot weddings. We generate photo montage business, however. More importantly, it keeps our name in front of people looking to purchase video services and it creates additional Google-worthy links.

Finally, network like crazy. Get to know local photographers and fellow videographers. Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Association — all of these bring you in contact with people who are spending money in town and who know lots of others in the neighborhood. Let everyone you meet know what you do, what kind of video services you can provide, and make sure you exchange business cards with them.

I think all too often small business people sit in their lair and wait for customers to come in, rather than looking at everyone the meet as a potential customer. Every woman you meet is a potential customer, either as a bride, the mother of a bride or someone who knows a bride-to-be.


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