Where this may come up as


Where this may come up as an issue is when the parents put the videos up on the ‘Tube (’cause ya’ know they will!) As is, you are filming the event as a ‘Work for Hire’ contractor and are not the primary producer on the project. That meaning, ‘you only are there to shoot the event, not set it up or choose the content within the event.’ Now the fact that you are ‘selling the product’ is the sticky point.

I agree with TJ in that when you do your WHA (work for hire agreement) or other style contract, you have the disclaimer in plain English about you’re not being liable for copyrighted materials or content present at the event during the time of filming. That legal person TJ mentioned will be able to assist you in crafting the proper wording.

And hey, if having that in the contract ‘scares them off’ so be it. You’ll lose a lot more time and money staring down the barrel of a potential copyright infringement suit (with minimum penalties of $50k and greater per incident = every DVD you sold would be 1 incident!)

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