Where do you plan on showi


Where do you plan on showing your project? ThomasTyndan did a great job at explaining the two formats. I just have a little bit more to expand on it.

If you want your project to be shown on a bigscreen some day and will eventually convert up to 35mm PAL usually works out better because it’s a progressive scan format, which means for every frame you get one complete image. You also only need to take out one frame of footage compared to six frames of footage in NTSC. The one problem with PAL however is long projects often have problems with audio syncing. Removing 1 frame doesn’t cause a problem in one minute clips, but after an hour it becomes noticable.

NTSC is the format to use if you expect your planning on selling your idea to television networks, or if you plan on making it into a video distribution deal.

Thomas has the best idea though. Try to find a camera that does both and is able to be customized. 24fps progressive scan isn’t NTSC or PAL, but compression programs are getting better every day and you can always convert your project into something else when you are done.

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