Whenever I am faced with a


Whenever I am faced with a decision between two products and am stuck, what helps me is to then look past the products and on to the company. Kodak, for example, is a photo company who is having some financial trouble because they waited to long to jump into the digital game. Meanwhile Canon is one of the largest manufacturers of both photo and video gear in the world, and its products have been used on many recent digital features in the last two or so years. I know it seems nit-picky but when the products can’t stand alone for a decision, that is where I go.

Also, you make a good point about the OZ, if the Kodak relies on a digital zoom, then all you will end up with is a choppy, pixelated picture, and no one wants that.

I would also look into warranties. If you are going to be on the slopes, odds are the batteries are going to live short lives because they don’t like cold, at some point you WILL fall down (we all do it, doesn’t matter how good you are). So see which one will likely be replaced in the event that you need it. For what you are doing that might be the most important thing to look at.

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