When you save in Adobe, or


When you save in Adobe, or any software, really, just save it on the data drive. For example, I have a folder for Adobe, with subfolders for Premiere, Photoshop, Flash, etc. I save the project files in there. If I reformated and opened up one of those project files, it would automatically open all the related files and restore all my edits, as long as the data drives and folders are the same. You wouldn’t change folders, but just make sure the drive letters haven’t changed, either. If they do, you can either change the drive letters back through Manage in My Computer or you can “lead the way” for Adobe on each clip to find it. The latter is kind of a pain.

I’ve actually done it–I had to reformat once because some free software I downloaded screwed up my codecs. After hours of trying to fix it, I realized it was just easier to reformat.

As for file names, I like the “double FINAL” name, and I’ve seen those, too. It seems like there was a Videomaker article on naming files.I could not locate it on this site, but I might not be typing in the right keywords. Closest I could find was this: http://www.videomaker.com/article/14192/ (which is still a good read but not what you’re looking for exactly).

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