When you refer to a “USB” I


When you refer to a “USB” I assume you mean a flash drive or thumb drive. These devices are for storage rather than for playback. In a sense they’re just smaller, more compact versions of a CD disc. When you plug a flash drive into a computer the content of the flash drive is off-loaded to the appropriate software on the computer for playback: e.g., Word for a text document on the flash drive, Excel for a spreadsheet and Adobe Premier or Resolve for a video file. If the content of the flash drive was locked — i.e., couldn’t be off-loaded from the drive — the computer couldn’t play the content.

Hollywood movies are sometimes copy protected. It is my understanding that this is an extremely expensive process, viable only for large commercial distribution material. Most hackers can defeat this protection, however, and I believe there are quite inexpensive programs on the market capable of defeating copy protection.

You might consider watermarking your material. This won’t prevent copying but will ensure that you receive credit for your work. Put your logo in the lower corner of your work, either as a continuous image or as one that fades in and out every few minutes.

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