When you recorded did you

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

When you recorded did you set the gain level to values higher than 0db? If so your footage could be recorded grainy looking. Why?, because you are telling the camera to duplicate “artificially” the amount of light is receiving. You can open the iris more to receive more light without the problem of grain or you can light your set the best you can. Your footage is not lost, there are post production tools for Noise Reduction and I think NeatVideo is among the best. Of course, be sure to record everything at its best and try to avoid as much as possible the “fix it in post” approach.

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The best royalty-free music and sound effects sites – 2021

Music and sound effects are a crucial part of any film or video project. Using royalty-free stock music in your next project is one way to cut costs without sacrificing quality.