When you make a gaming video


When you make a gaming video you are targeting a very specific audience. Anyone else will probably not understand or have much of an interest in it. So, this is not the best place to ask. You’d be better off posting this on a video game forum and seeing what they think. But as a “gamer,” I will give you my opinion (though I’ve never played Fallout).

I’m guessing the point is to show you playing though a chaotic level and discovering something cool. For that, it works… but it’s a little slow and not engaging for an audience that tends to be more impatient and loose attention quickly. The slow fades to black are mostly unnecessary and get repetitive. Try a different transition, and maybe compress time by some other method, like speeding footage up at points to get through uninteresting parts without breaking continuity. Many people will add a voice track to narrate what’s happening in their videos too. Also, I’m really not sure why you included a bit of sound from Battlefield 3 halfway through.

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