When would I use this: For


When would I use this:

For example: Let’s say that I have downloaded the tapes either in multiple different clips through batch capture for through just downloading the whole tape at once then I create clips within FCP, the whole time using the original captured video as the reference.

After I have finished editing and I have no more use for the tapes to be on the computer, i then delete them to free up space.

1 or 2 years (or a few months) down the road, I either realize that I need to further edit something (for example, for a sample, or competition, etc). I want to be able to download the original file, exactly as it was during the original work on the project so that all my reference files link up correctly. And so, essentially, I don’t have to completely re-edit.

I’ve heard that there is a way to do this. Or a file that is created or able to be created that is a reference file specifically for recapturing tapes.

I just want to know to do this.

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