” When too close to some o


” When too close to some of our wired mics, we sometimes experience hum in the audio track from these lights “

What type of wired mics? Dynamic, ribbon, and some condenser mics have coils or transformers in em into which hum can be induced by any device which also has a transformer or coil, running on 60Hz ( or 50Hz ) power. If the mic is not picking up the induced field, the mic cable can in some cases if it is not a truely balanced circuit. The trend away from input transformers in micpreamps ( too expensive and heavy) toward electronic, differential inputs can also be susceptable to induced hum unless it involves some sophisticated circuitry ( not found in low-cost micpreamps ). I think it’s safe to say that just because a camera may have an XLR mic input, it is no guarantee the the mic preamp is a high quality, well-balanced input stage.

Rick Crampton

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