“When posts like this occu


“When posts like this occur Istart to think of spyware, keyloggers and
other melicious software….”

And you’d be correct. Putting a ‘bug’ in your video has been around since at least 1996. As ‘Cat said, ‘not that tough to do.’ Right now Digital Rights Management (DRM) is offered by many online distribution companies and sites like Vimeo have options that you can select as to who and where your posted videos can be seen. Not sayin’ that Kosmo is one of the many wannabe software peddling hacks that pop up constantly on this forum, but he does fit the pattern. Hate to say it though, if it smells like fish….

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The best video editing plugins — 2021

An essential part of being a post-production specialist is knowing your tools and how to use them. But it is equally important to know when another tool will increase your ability and efficiency.