When my family went to Dis


When my family went to Disney world in ’05 I made a video of our trip and gave them all a DVD for Christmas. They loved it! We still watch it every time we get together. So here are a few tips to keep in mind while you are shooting.

– video of scenery, buildings, exhibits is interesting, but people want to see themselves. So, while you will still want to get shots of where you are make sure you don’t leave out the people you are with. That’s what makes a video interested-the people! I know that may seem obvious but you would be suprised at how many people come back from vacation with plenty of footage of where they were but little of who they were with. So try to get lots of both.

-I like to do little mini intereviews both before the trip and at the end of the trip. At the begining I ask things like, "what are you most excited about?" or at the end, "what did you enjoy the most?". Then when I edit I insert the answers to these questions to set up what we are about to see.

-Birdcat’s advice about voice over is good too. Remeber you can always split you auio and video track and move them around. Maybe at the end of the day someone was talking about everything you guys did. If you record that you can then lay it over the footage you previously shot.

-When editing I like to make groups or topics and then put my footage in each of those topics. For example: there are four parks at Disney World so I had a section for each park. You might want to split your up into days or all the restraunts you ate at, or a certain part of town. So regardless of what order it happened in real life you can organize however you want in your video.

-Another audeince favorite is to have a little spotlight section on everyone. A small section that just shows mom’s outakes, or uncle bob’s tantrums, whatever. If you do this though I would be carefull not to hurt someones feeling by leaving them out.

Ok, sorry I went on so long. Have fun!

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