When I purchased my camera


When I purchased my camera (about 8 months ago), I was shopping for a non-High Definition camera.I learned the following:

I wanted the convenience and storage size of a HDD.However, all HDD based cameras for sale at that time would record video with MPEG-2 compression. This is the type of compression that is used on DVDs. A 4.3GB DVD commonly holds about 2.5 hours of MPEG-2 compressed video.

The DV data format, which is used by MiniDV cameras (that use MiniDV tapes), performs little compression*. 4GB of DV data is about 15 minutes of video.

One might argue that the MPEG-2 compressionshould only lose information that the human eye won’t miss.So you could possibly never notice the difference. However, if you want to apply digital effects, zoom in on the video, etc., you will probably desire a higher quality original format.

I made my decision and bought a MiniDV camera. I sometimes yearn for the convenience of a HDD camera when I am just filming my kid say “ga ga ga,” but I am still happy with my choice.

* I am not knowlegeable about the details of the DV data format. So my comments may be inaccurate.

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