“When I imported the video


“When I imported the video in it was WAY bigger than the provided frame (I chose Dv/NTC Widescreen)”

Did you originally shoot in an HD format? I don’t see any other reason why video would be larger than the frame. It sounds like you brought in HD video and are using it in an SD timeline.

“is there a way to change the settings to make adobe premier just inheirt the width X height of whatever I am importing in?”

Yes. Work in an HD project (if that’s what you originally shot.) You have to set up your project to match the parameters of the video you shot.

“The video will stream at 400 kbps.”

If you are making video for the web, DV/NTSC is not the codec you should be exporting to. See, a computer screen uses square pixels, but SD video, such as DV/NTSC, uses non-square pixels. Trying to display an image with non-square pixels on a device that uses square pixels results in….crap. The reason why your HD video looks sharp (if you did shoot HD) is because HD video uses square pixels. And DV/NTSC requires too much bandwidth for the web. Try exporting to the H.264 codec.

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