when I get that type of gi


when I get that type of gig, I normally also provide a live feed to 1, 2 or 3 projectors (Big screen). we use 6 cameras (4 HD PTZ with an operator and two handheld HD Cameras) to cover the event that we mix live for the projection. I record the video to 2-DVD’s and Hard Drive

i get the Manager of the group to sign a release and i give them a letter stating that the video is ONLY used for my contract with the Organizer

1. I asked the sound engineer for a feed that I connect to my sound board

2. I connect a Mic to my sound board to pick upambientsound

3. I mix everything so that i get good clear sound

3. I have a portable zoom H-4N digital recorder connected to my soundboard output.

4. Ialso send a feed from the sound board into one of my Camera’s for additional back up

5. send the feed to my dvd’s burners and hard drive.

6. i give one of the DVD’s to the group manager

this way we are double andtriplecovered!

I realize it may be much for your event but that’s how we handle live events!

basically its a 4 man operation. but gives fantastic results!



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