When done well both “sell


When done well both “sell a story” just as well. The only advantage with CGI is that you have no limitations as to what you can do which can make it look fake (e.g. the camera moves in ways that are impossible in real life, a plane flies too close to the camrera). Personally I don’t like CGI, it just looks fake to me. Old school looked fake but at least the objects appeared tangible whereas CGI looks like a matte painting that you can view from every angle. It does have its place, making a set appear larger to save cost but when it comes to animate objects give me “Dragon Slayer” over “Dragon Heart.” One thing about CGI that may concern you are the models. Unless you have the equipment to scan in your subject you’re going to be spending a lot of time creating it especially if you want it to look real. There are some websites that have premade models available (there may be a cost) but you may not find what you want depending on your program (another cost that may concern you). Good luck.

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