When comparing cameras, it


When comparing cameras, it may be darn near impossible to find people who have experience dealing with all the cameras you are trying to compare. Most of us have experience with one and may have set opinions about a particular manufacturer.

I have experience with the dvc30 and have looked at a GL2. Over a year ago, I debated between the 2 — I ended up with the dvc30, because of the sturdiness, features and I was wary of the tape eject problem (not because of what I read, I experienced this firsthand with another canon camera). I love my dvc30 – if you do get it, I would suggest the optional xlr adapter for better audio.

Neither the GL2 or DVC30 is exceptionally great at low light. If that is major concern, then I would go back and look at the vx2100. I think that will be a better bang for your buck, right there. I have had about 15 minutes of experience with it – personally, I do not like the way it is weighted when I hold it and it does not have xlr inputs.

One of the other reasons I bought the dvc30 is that I planned on getting a second camera this year – the Panasonic DVX100b, which will allow me to share batteries and other accessories.

You didn’t mention your budget, but if you are interested in HD, then you might want to look at the Sony A1U or the FX1. I am interested in HD, but I am going to wait a little while longer.

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