>>>”what’s the po


>>>”what’s the point in recording in HD if you are just going to convert it down to SD?

What’s wrong with just recording it in SD if your just going to down convert it anyway?

Or am I missing something?”

The original post inquired about creating an SD DVD from HD footage and how to Deliver HD to a client.

Shooting in HD will allow you to create both an SD DVDfor those that are still in the stone age and an HD file of your choice for those that have aclearerperspective of reality.

In addition,converting SD from HD will typically giveyou better looking footage than just shooting in SD natively.

I also think it is good to have an HD master for future use either for the client or for your demo reels.

I suppose someone would shoot in SD if it was just a short low quality internet video.

NOW…back to HDV editing…

In my previous reply, I just gave an answer for editing the HDV Mpg2 transport stream (.m2t files)

It is much easiernowadays to edit .m2t files, however this is still notalways recommended.

The HDV structure is not the most efficient for editing and there could be some unnecessary loss of quality when redering an output file, especially if your project is loaded with effects, color correction, etc.

The best way to edit HD footage isby usingan intermediary codec.

I like using the cineform HD codec.

Cineform makes several different programs for various platforms, but the basic conversion software that is compatible with most editing programs is Cineform’s “Neo Scene”

It costs about $129 and a free trial can be requested and they’ll send you a link to the download.


cineform, like most intermediary codec/software will allow you to convert to the Cinefom HD avi format while you capture instead of capturing as an HDV .m2t file.

It will also let you convert any native HD format like mt2 andAVCHDinto a cineform HD avi file.

Once you edit those files you will than output a “video for windows”avi file and select the Cinform HD codec in the custom settings tab inside Vegas.

DVD architect will accept the Cineform HD avi file and it will output a standard DVD file.

If you are still a little confused, let me know….I will clarify.

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