What you need/want is a DA


What you need/want is a DA (distribution amplifier) and/or audio/video mixer. What I use with my XL1 is a DA with two-in and eight-out on AV, using RCA pin plug cable from the camera to the DA, to the satelite sets. An audio mixer comes in handy to handle the feeds and help reduce the setup’s tendency for feedback. I also have an old workhorse Panasonic MX12 mixer that works for two camera and audio setups, using S-video for the visual signals.

I have an assistant who works the mixer. I use the DA to power the signal for runs longer than 50 feet. I even have used this with two tvs as well as a projector and 6×8 screen located in another part of the facility. If you have the right connections (adapter for your XL2 to canon/XLR) you can also go that route, but I’ve run satelite feeds with RCA without any serious appreciable loss of audio or video – cheaper cables for long runs.

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