What you need is 3D animat


What you need is 3D animation software. What you don’t need is massively expensive or elaborate software. So I’d recommend checking out the very economical http://www.DAZ3D.com web site. They have 3D software ranging from free to as much as you’d like to pay.

I purchased the program Carrara 3D Express (less than $100) and it could easily do what you’re asking for. Although I am assuming the same collection of 3D objects are included, it comes with a very nice Earth, with separate cloud cover and the star background. For your animation, you will most likely want to use Google’s static images for the steps in zooming down to Texas after you pierce the cloud cover. This could also be done in their free 3D program, DazStudio, using the Animation Plug-in ($30).

Or you can go into the on-site community and locate someone nearby to do the actual animation.

Good luck, hope this helped. Feel free to contact me to clarify any questions you might have.

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