What NLE you currently hav

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

What NLE you currently have? In Windows you have Movie Maker an in Mac Imovie and they are good start with. If you have a pro NLE (Premiere, Vegas, Final Cut) you will really need to download a video tutorial to know how to use the program. You can download the tutorials at Lynda.com or VTC.com. Spend hours and hours learning where the things are in the NLE and then you can start editing on your own. Not having a camera didn’t stop me from learning to edit video. Borrow
a camera from any of your friends or family, it doesn’t need to be
professional. Start with a digital photo camera that can record video
and import several shots of you doing anything. Make a video montage,
experiment with your NLE, just do something. As a film student you need to be persistent and if you want something go get it, don’t wait for it to happen. This is video, after a while you will notice that is not just a hobby or a passion, this is business. Keep learning and improving yourself to be the best. The internet have so many free things you can download, just look for it. As for your original question, yes you can download videos from Youtube and make a original story with several of them.

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