“What kind of professional


“What kind of professional camera would you suggest for shoot
weddings, etc.

The cheapest”

Pro camcorders vary greatly in combinations of price, performance, and durability, just the same as consumer camcorders. For hundreds to thousands of dollars extra, professional camcorders offer a sharper image, broader range of controls, and a different degree of size and handling that a pro desires.

The absolute cheapest pro model of Sony’s I could find is the HVR-HD1000U HDV camcorder – $1,799. It’s one of the cheapest pro camcorders you’ll find new . My only real complaint is that it lacks XLR inputs.


You can also get the Panasonic AG-DVC20 camcorder $1,195 – MiniDV camcorder with 3 1/6″ CCDs. It has no XLR inputs, either.


There’s also a Canon GL2 prosumercamcorder selling on eBay for $1,175


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