What is your day rate?


What is your day rate?

How many days would it take you to produce this?

How much will actresses cost?

Do you need to scout the location to determine best placement of camera/best time of day to shoot?

Are you writing the script or is the client providing it?

Are the shots with each actress one long shot each or a sequence of shots?

How difficult will it be to properly light and mike for the shoot?  

Will you have to dub in talent audio in post?  (You may need professional talent who can pace their narration exactly in multple takes)

Does the client want any music in the background or at any point in the video?

Are there any FX or special titling needs?

What file format do they want the final video in?


Here's a basic guess at what might be involved:

One hour to load gear and get to location.

One hour or more to set up for shot (lights, mikes, talent).

One hour or more to get shots.

One hour to reload and return to base.

Assuming a $500 day rate, it would be a one day shoot and one day to edit and then two actresses at say $200 each your basic bid might be around $1400.  Depending on how you generally handle things you may charge for travel or not.  Special FX and music would add on to the cost.

High definition shouldn't even enter into this – who really shoots SD anymore?


Good luck.


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