What is this video about? You


What is this video about? You frame it with a religious poster and a voice-over in black at the opening, and a guy smoking a joint at the end.In between is an endless sequence of unconnected shots of people, street scenes, skateboarding and joint-rolling. If this is to be a film of "Time in LA," it needs some kind of narrative, something to link the images into a story, which after all is what editing is all about.

The sound track is tedious, and you often miss the driving beat on your beat edits. The slow motion and various transitions are obtrusive; they are not organic — a logical part of the film — and merely call attention to themselves. Consider color correction — visual tone when cutting from one shot to another.

In your next film try to create a real narrative, a story that has a beginning, middle and end, one whose images immerse us in the narrative and connect to tell us something about what's happening on screen.

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