>>what is a fire wir


>>what is a fire wire? i thought that was what we used before USB came in. why do we use fire wires? are they faster or something<<

Firewire is the colloquial term for IEEE1394 (also called i-link). It is a type of I/O (input/output) connection used on digital devices. A firewire cable is used to connect the firewire port on the device to the firewire port on the computer (or other device). Firewire ports are standard on every digital video camera I have ever seen or worked with. While there are some people here who will tell you that USB 2.0 is just as good I must warn you this is not in any fashion a professional or even pro-sumer working standard. If you are using a mini-DV camera you have to capture using a firewire connection, I don’t think that any of the professional level editing applications will support dv capture in any other fashion. Additionally, firewire capture offers the added benefit of camera/deck control. Firewire connections are also the standard for external hard drives on the MAC platform and I always suggest that if you are going to edit from a hard drive that it be firewire since it is faster than USB 2.0.

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