>>what is a deck?&lt


>>what is a deck?<<

A deck is basically a vtr (video tape recorder), it connects to a computer via firewire (it doesn’t have to connect via firewire but the ones I work with are designed to). You don’t technically need one since a firewire camcorder also functions as a deck. I just don’t like to use cameras as decks because I don’t like fast forwarding and rewinding on the camera I shoot on.

>> So, what is final cut? is it like Photo shop and Sony vegas? Or is it more like after effects?<<

Final Cut is shorthand for Apple Final Cut Pro. It is a Mac only desktop video editing application. It is very popular for the indy film and HD film editing crowds. Photoshop and Sony Vegas are nothing like each other. Photoshop is the industry standard pixel based image editing application, it has no real competitors. Sony Vegas is a video editing application (like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro or Avid), it isn’t standard in any industry that I am familiar with but has a solid core of devoted users and from everything I hear is a very good application.

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