What I’m looking for is


What I’m looking for is a new camcorder, one that will last me awhile (a little more than a year). But the more research I do, the more questions I stumble upon. CMOS vs. CCD? Solid state vs. miniDV? etc… I know CMOS lacks a little in terms of quality, but has better batter life. But I’m not sure whether I should choose solid state over miniDV. Is this where the market is headed – tapeless?

Since your going to Peru to shoot, take in consideration, logistics, how much do you want to carry around? Tapeless is fine, but, how many cards you willing to buy? The pros to MiniDV is archivingthe shoot, the con is bulk when carrying around. Using cards, you would have to offload the cards to re-use them,unless you buy enough. Then you wouldn’t want to use cards for archives. If using a HDD camera, you’d have to bring along an exertnal drive to offload.

As for cmos or ccd, I prefer ccd, you have a better range of lighting, depending on the size of the ccd, etc. Just my preference.

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