What if the other videogra


What if the other videographer is YOURS? Working for a client, I was
given an intern to run one of my other cameras. The guy had 4 years of
school behind him, and I must admit his panning, tracking, super slow
zooms that you barely noticed were better than I could do.

first shoot went pretty well. Then came the 2nd shoot. I came home,
downloaded my footage to my computer, and opened it up in horror. He
was the main center camera for a TV shoot, and ALL the actors skin tones
were over 100IRE. Almost completely flat. It took me nearly 3 hours
of moving sliders and flipping switches in effects to try and salvage it
and finally I found something, I don’t know how, but it at least was
usable. It definitely had a unique look though, but could not match my
other cameras.

I confronted him before the next shoot,
and he shrugged his shoulders and claimed he didn’t want to disrupt how I
set it up. Really? You didn’t notice that everyone on stage was of
the paranormal type and didn’t think to do anything about it?

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